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Great customer value through technological innovations.

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Our history

KOVVK is a fully family owned company from Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in year 2020 by Klim Kouznetsov and Olga Kouznetsova. There were many ideas accumulated after working in IT industry for almost two decades and as such it was decided to start their own business in order to make these ideas a reality.

Corporate vision

We strongly believe that modern way of doing business is obsolete. There are no more boundaries due to globalisation and throughout use of internet.


To develop software services that will positively change our users life, by providing them things they really need and want, at the maximum quality for a reasonable price.


To provide a stable, interesting and exiting working environment for the talented people with higher than market salaries and benefits. So that they can unlock their full potential and have a balance between work and private life.


To be always at the cutting edge of the technologies and drive the innovations forward.

Corporate strategy

In order to achieve our corporate vision we have decided to keep company privately owned, so that internal politics will not stand in the way, as such KOVVK is a fully family owned company.

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We use only latest possible technologies for the software development and we proactively prepare our software for any upcoming updates or new releases of both software and hardware. Additionally we use only most innovative solutions, such as latest hardware, cloud infrastructure, machine learning and much more.

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We constantly analyse the markets in order to provide our employees a salary they deserve. Also we structure our work in order to prioritise the quality of the end result and not rush the development, this is possible because we are always fully informed about upcoming software and hardware changes and ready when they come.

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It is important for us that our employees have great life outside of work. We finance wide range of activities and education for our employees that they can partake at both during or after working hours.

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We constantly listen to our users — to their ideas, problems, questions and how they interact with our software. We always remember that what we do, we do for our users. We value every users opinion and decide what features or changes we need to make based on it.

Our products

KVA Plan - an online web-service and mobile app that helps you quickly and easily organize all types of private and business activities, meetings, parties, and events. No more endless calls and emails. The KVA Plan is perfect for you and your guests!

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Image of Klim Kouznetsov, founder of the KOVVK.

Klim Kouznetsov

Founder and CEO

Image of Olga Kouznetsova, co-founder of the KOVVK.

Olga Kouznetsova

Co-founder and CFO